My Love of the Armed Forces Memorial


One of my “favorite places” to go is along the downtown Norfolk waterfront and pay respects to the Armed Forces Memorial. There along the waterfront are bronzed letters from soldiers who ultimately lost their lives in war. These are letters they sent home to loved ones before they passed.

It is stopping and reading those letters of those soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice serving our country that makes me stop and think the trivial things in every day life are really not so important as those soldiers who serve our country and especially those whose lives were lost protecting our freedom.

From the website: “The Armed Forces Memorial is a 160-foot monument with 20 bronze cast letters scattered across the base of a flagpole. The bronze pieces are actual letters written to loved ones by members of the Armed Forces who never returned from war. Erected in the summer of 1998, the memorial is dedicated to veterans of American conflicts from the Revolutionary to Persian Gulf War. It was designed by James Cutler and Maggie Smith.”

It is located along the Elizabeth River by the Elizabeth River Trail next to the Half Moone Cruise Terminal and Nauticus. It is a beautiful view to stop, reflect and pay respects to those who served. VisitNorfolk Virginia is for Lovers 


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