My Love of the Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise



One of my “favorite places” is spending a beautiful afternoon on the Elizabeth River along the Norfolk, Virginia waterfront. This photo from last summer aboard the Rover Cruises , Victory Rover Naval Base Cruises truly captured the natural beauty and the stunning skyline of the downtown Norfolk waterfront.


I have lived in the Hampton Roads region for 24 years. Yet this was my first time to sail on the Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise. Whether you are a local or a tourist, the vast history & sites that are seen on the 2 hour cruise is the perfect way to spend the afternoon! The Captain provides a wealth of knowledge on our region, the history and all the ships in port at the Naval Base which changes day to day.
There is enclosed air conditioned seating on first level. I enjoyed being in the open air seating on the top level which offered 360 degree panoramic views.


Some of the sights to see on the cruise in addition to the views of the Norfolk and Portsmouth waterfront include Old Fort Norfolk, The Battleship Wisconsin, Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Coast Guard Station Portsmouth, Portsmouth Marine Terminal, Craney Island Fuel Depot to name a few. The highlight of the cruise is seeing all the Navy ships in port at Norfolk Naval Station – The World’s Largest Naval Base.


Check out their schedules and pricing online as their sailings are now open for the 2019 season. With individual sailing tickets or combo tickets which include the cruise plus general admission to Nauticus and the Battleship Wisconsin, there is something for every age to enjoy!


9 thoughts on “My Love of the Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise

    1. Yes, it was an amazing day. When the weather is just right, we do get the beautiful crystal blue skies! Rover Cruises has another beautiful sailing ship with masts I will feature on another blog posts. I have went on it a couple times. Their sunset cruises on the tall ship is amazing!


  1. Absolutely stunning! So interesting!
    This is now on my bucket list.
    I enjoy reading your blogs so much!
    Just perfect .


  2. Thanks Lisa for sharing. Our son will soon be stationed in Norfolk and we will be visiting often and looking for family friendly things to do!


  3. Your blogs are all so great and how you tell all your stories of what you have experienced and seen . Great inspirational information on all of them, keep sending them to me really love reading them!


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