My “Favorite Places”


(View of the American Rover at sunset on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia)

Many ask what is “Lisa’s Favorite Places”? It is a fun blog of writing and photos sharing my “favorite places” from my perspective. I spent many years as a travel consultant in my younger days and I remember that clients loved to hear personal accounts of others’ travel journeys when planning their travels.

(The Chapel Ruins at Sassafras Springs Vineyard in Springdale, Arkansas.)


This is a medium for me to share my adventures via Facebook, Instagram & the web. I am not paid nor do I receive anything for free in return for writing my blog. Rarely do I discuss having a blog as I want to experience places just like every other visitor. I am not a professional writer yet I love to write. I’m not a professional photographer yet I love to take photos. This gives me an opportunity to combine the things I enjoy into a great hobby.

(View of the Wild Spanish Mustangs roaming the 4 wheel drive area on the Northern Outer Banks in Carova, North Carolina.)


I appreciate the feedback I have received since starting this blog. I hope you continue to enjoy my photos and my view of the places I get to visit.

(View of Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin in downtown, Norfolk, Virginia from the Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise.)



Here are a few photos of the favorites of  “Lisa’s Favorite Places”:
1) The Chapel Ruins at Sassafras Springs Vineyard in Springdale, Arkansas.



2) Cross Church Crosses from Village on the Creeks at sunrise in Rogers, Arkansas. ,



3) The Noland Trail at the Mariners Museum & Park in Newport News, Virginia.



4) Mountain Views at King Family Vineyards in Crozet, Virginia.



5) Sunset on the Nansemond River in the Harbour View region in Suffolk, Virginia.



6) Views of the Elizabeth River from the rooftop patio beer garden at the Grain, in the Norfolk Hilton THE MAIN in Norfolk,Virginia



7) James River and Downtown Richmond views from the pedestrian bridge to Belle Isle.



8) Sunsets over the Sound on the Outer Banks in Cape Hatteras,  Hatteras Island, North Carolina.



9) Sunsets over the Currituck Sound at The Blue Point on the Outer Banks in Duck, North Carolina.



10) Sunsets over the Nansemond River in Harbour View in Suffolk, Virginia.



11) Sunsets at Village on the Creeks in Rogers, Arkansas. ,



12) Sunset at at Mount Sequoyah retreat center in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


I hope you will follow my blog post which features many more photos and stories on Facebook:



Sunset on the Currituck Sound on the Outer Banks in Duck, North Carolina.

8 thoughts on “My “Favorite Places”

  1. I love reading all your blogs! Your writing and beautiful photographs are so interesting, it just takes me there!
    I have now added so many wonder places to visit to my bucket list!


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