My love of the 21C Museum Hotel -Bentonville, Arkansas


One of my “favorite places” to visit when home in Northwest Arkansas is the 21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville Arkansas. I am so intrigued by the outside exhibit “Making Change 2015”.


I am sharing a small excerpt from the description plaque. “The Fleetwood Cadillac limousine, covered in nickels, dimes & pennies, was built in 1962. It is the same year as the Walmart company was founded. The inspiration for the coin motif came from the original Walmart Five and Dime still located on the Bentonville Town Square.

In 1962, these Cadillac’s sold for $9937. The average cost of a new car was $2500 and the average cost of a new home was $15,000, while the average income was $6000. Gas sold for 25 cents a gallon and a bag of candy cost just a few pennies. Today there is very little that such pocket change can buy. Because Walmart influences pricing on a national scale, the company saves every household $952 annually — the same dollar amount represented by the coins on this limousine.


The silver and brass coins are affixed in a decorative design, on the body of the car and the hood. The pattern features the 21C logo and a bar code pattern representing the contemporary technology that makes today’s global commerce possible. —Monica Mahoney, Artist”.


This stunning museum hotel is located on the NE corner of the Bentonville town square. With its vast inside art exhibits along with its two outside exhibits, The Orange Tree & Making Change, it is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Afterwords take time to dine at The Hive restaurant. I highly recommend the scrumptious American Cheese Plate appetizer with locally sourced cheeses.


The 21C Museum Hotel is a beautiful addition to the downtown Bentonville landscape. The 21C Museum Hotel was ranked “Top 15 City Hotels in the Continental United States- Travel + Leisure, World’s Best Awards 2017”. The expanding art & culture scene is constantly growing in Bentonville thanks to the 21C Museum Hotel & the renowned Crystal Bridges Museum just a few minutes from the hotel.


The 21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville is a “must visit” on every trip home to NW Arkansas!



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