My Love of Richmond Virginia – Part 1

One of my “favorite places” for an amazing view was spending an October day on the Potterfield Pedestrian Bridge in Richmond, Virginia. I am lucky my son lives just a few block from the Pedestrian Bridge and the vast James River Park system. So when I go to visit, I try to take advantage of the vast trails, walkways and views all along the James River on both sides of the river. 
Richmond 1
Background on the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge – Pedestrian & Cycling Bridge from
“The long anticipated physical link between Brown’s Island and Manchester, this pedestrian and cycling pathway sits atop a former hydroelectric dam, some 20 feet above the river.
Richmond T Pott Bridge 4
“Completed in 2016 and named for the late City of Richmond senior planner T. Tyler Potterfield, the bridge provides unequaled river vistas, panoramic views of the downtown skyline, along with sounds that belie the extraordinarily close relationship of the bridge to the roaring river.”
Richmond T Pott Bridge 2
“The wheelchair accessible bridge is open to pedestrians and cyclists 24 hours a day.”
Richmond T Pott Bridge 3
Enjoy the great outdoors and all that Richmond and the vast James River Park system has to offer for running, cycling, walking and enjoying the natural beauty that Richmond has to offer!

22 thoughts on “My Love of Richmond Virginia – Part 1

    1. There is so much to do in Richmond. I just may be there a lot if Patrick goes to VCU. Lots of new places to explore. Love your blog!


  1. Such an awesome place . I love the photos and write up. Who knew such a place was in Richmond . Thank you for sharing, I just drive through Richmond, now I have a reason to stop and enjoy some views and trails.


  2. WOW! We live so close and I didnt know that. I love your travel blogs. You always have great information about the area and beautiful photos. Putting it on my travel list. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Denise! That is one of 3 pedestrian bridges that goes across or at least partially across the river. I highly recommend the Canal cruise which is full of great history on how the canals were constructed and the history behind it. Highly recommend Richmond for a day trip or overnight stay in spring or fall when the temps are perfect!


  3. Beautiful photographs and great narrative. You bring these places to life. I can hear the water and feel the breeze. You have an awesome talent, one of many.


  4. I love your travel writing! I moved to VA 18 years ago this month and am still exploring new places, so I always appreciate your suggestions.


  5. I lived in Richmond for a few years- I absolutely loved it! Its so beautiful! I loved that it has a mix of whatever you want! City life, country life, not far from beach but not far from mountains!


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