My Love of the Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail

IMG_3230One of my favorite places is the Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail. Saturday’s beautiful fall like weather was perfect for a long power walk and to stop to capture the pristine beauty.


Presently at 3.4 miles in length point to point, the multi-use trail system from the Driver area of Suffolk to Bromay Rd. on the Suffolk/Chesapeake border (just off Pughsville Rd close to I-664). From the news article in Suffolk News Herald 2/8/16: “But this is just the beginning for this attraction. The bigger plan is to finish the 11.1-mile trail as part of the South Hampton Roads Trail, a project that will allow non-motorists to travel 41 miles from downtown Suffolk to the Virginia Beach oceanfront.”


There were people running, walking & cycling during my time there Saturday. What I enjoy about this trail system is the quiet, peacefulness to where you can just enjoy nature and “the views”. From the beauty of the tall trees, to the various waterways, to the vast farmland with crops growing,  there was always a different view the further you got along the trail. As the leaves begin to turn later this month, I am sure the fall foliage of the trees along the trail will be beautiful.



I encourage you to visit our wonderful trail system and see all that Suffolk has to offer!


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