My love of Mt Sequoyah, Fayetteville, Arkansas


Sunset on Mt Sequoyah brings a sense of peace, tranquility & solitude as you overlook the city of Fayetteville and the Boston Mountain ridge line in the distance. No two sunsets are alike and they change with vast variety based on the season. My favorite time is in the fall during the stunning change of colors. Even driving the windy road to the top of the mountain can be a spectacular stream of colors during October. On foggy days, driving to the top of the mountain can give you a different perspective being “above the clouds” in a sense.  This sunset version seemed perfect to show the simplicity and the beauty.


Mount Sequoyah has a retreat/conference center at the top. It was founded in 1922 by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, which comprised the states of Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Driving, biking or walking to the top can be an adventure especially the unique and eclectic architecture of the homes many seeming to “hang on the bluffs” of the mountain. Every view from all sides of the mountain are incredible!

Mt Seqoyah

From Mount Sequoyah’s website: ” East Mountain was subsequently renamed Mount Sequoyah in honor of Cherokee Chief Sequoyah, creator of the Cherokee alphabet, who, according to board minutes from 1922, “doubtless tented upon the very spot we have chosen, which was a favorite camping ground for Indians.” Fayetteville’s seed money, a small loan and proceeds from the sale of lots were used to finance the construction of a chapel, cottages, a cafeteria and a superintendent’s home, among others. Mount Sequoyah’s grounds opened for the first time in the summer of 1923 to the delight of the Methodist church. In an undated report issued to the Arkansas Press Association sometime in the late 1920s, Bishop James Atkins of Lake Junaluska Assembly in North Carolina attended the opening and “declared [Mount Sequoyah] one of the most beautiful spots in the world.”

On your next trip to Fayetteville, walk, bike or drive up to the top and “enjoy the view”! For more information on Mount Sequoyah Retreat & Conference Center:


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